The Best Security Camera Power Bank With 26,800mAh Capacity

130˚Wide Angle 1080P Camera | Charging 4 Devices at Once | 10+ Times Faster | Full Recharge in 1 Hour

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Wide-Angle 1080P Security Camera

A 130˚wide-angle 1080P security camera captures all the action in your room clearly while it is hardly noticed. All footage will be stored safely in the SD card and Harbor will send notifications through your mobile app whenever unusual actions are detected.


4-in-1 Design

Harbor can charge 4 devices at the same time with 2 of the highest 100W & 65W Input/Output USB-C PD ports, 22.5W USB-A QC 3.0 ports and a 10W built in wireless charging pad.

10+ Times Faster Charging Speed

Harbor is the Only powerbank that can charge 2 MacBook Pro on highest speed to 85% in 50 mins only.

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26,800mAh Huge Capacity

The mega 26,800 mAh capacity means SUPER can fully charge your iPhone 13 up to 8 times for close to one week of usage. So when you’re out and about you don’t need to panic about finding available outlets at a café or restaurant anymore! 

Fastest Recharging Speed

Equipped with a GaN fast charger, Harbor can be fully
recharged (26,800mAh) in just 60 mins or 80%(21,400mAh) in only 25 minutes,
making it 10x faster than traditional powerbanks.


Powerful But Pocket Size

The compact & lightweight powerbank weighs only 580g (1.28 lbs) and measures 184.5mm in length x 85mm in width x 25 mm in thickness(7.26“x 3.35"x 1"), which is about two-thirds of the Nintendo Switch. Put it just in your pocket and take it anywhere easily.

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